On Choosing Your Favorite Child

Having two dogs is like having two kids in a surprising number of ways. Near the top is the sudden moral requirement to choose your favorite: all families need a pecking order.  Now we have the lady Jordan alongside The Reverand John Henry, we need to establish their order in our affections. So, let's break … Continue reading On Choosing Your Favorite Child

A Nightmare on Elm Street: For the Kids

It turns out that I completely missed the 80s slasher-movie craze. I wasn't even 10 years old when it started, and too busy watching Purple Rain to pay much attention to anything more grown-up (apparently). Eventually, I did see Halloween, but the other two of the holy trinity - Friday 13th and A Nightmare on … Continue reading A Nightmare on Elm Street: For the Kids

On the Issue of Bigger Being Better

I recently bought a large TV. Not a HUGE television - I was standing in Target the other week beside a man who calmly walked up to the sales guy and inquired about a 95-inch model, so everything is relative - but large. We needed a bigger TV. Obviously. It was time. I had reasons. … Continue reading On the Issue of Bigger Being Better