On Watching Northfork

There’s a risk in going back to watch movies you loved years ago. I call it the “Doc Savage  Effect.” Despite the wounds of previous nostalgia-fueled viewing still being surprisingly strong, when clearing out my DVDs, I finally decided it was time to re-watch Northfork  before I sent it on to find another home. And, … Continue reading On Watching Northfork

#FridayNightFright 2017

Horror is an interesting genre. It covers a multitude of movies, from cheap home-made efforts to Oscar winners like Silence of the Lambs. The longer I thought about it, the less idea I had about what exactly counted as "horror." Sure, there were the obvious - Halloween, American Werewolf in London, Wolf Creek, The Flintstones … Continue reading #FridayNightFright 2017

Million Dollar Idea #1: A movie-review site for dog owners

I don't know if you know, but there's movie review sites out there specifically for Christian parents. It tells fellow concerned Christian parents about the current releases, paying special attention to issues specific to their target audience: is there, you know, any "funny stuff"? Any pre-marital hanky-panky? Do any of the characters take the Lord's … Continue reading Million Dollar Idea #1: A movie-review site for dog owners