On Writing What You Know

I wonder if you, like me, were given this precious golden nugget of advice at school: Write what you know. A faultless piece of wisdom that successful writers such as Stephen King, JK Rowling, and William Shakespeare no doubt kept close to their hearts as they started out on their particular roads to wild acclaim. … Continue reading On Writing What You Know

Newsletter: October 1, 2020

Hello, innocent bystander. This is either my attempt at contributing something positive in These Trying Times, or it’s me finally cracking up. Either way, thanks for being here to witness whatever this is. I want to add a little light, a little levity, in what are at best uncertain times. Yes, I am a hero. So, … Continue reading Newsletter: October 1, 2020

On American Pickers

I don’t “binge” TV that much. I prefer to follow the little-and-often approach, mix things up a bit. And anyway, there’s just so much television to watch now – how could anyone be happy to spend an evening watching just one thing? However. My wife and I can sweep through a season of The British … Continue reading On American Pickers