On Unsuitable Topics of Conversation

As you might be aware, I work from home and my main company for most of the day are four adorable but malodorous pugs. Among other things, this has had the effect of making my already suspect social skills into something approaching shut-in level. As we head into Xmas party season, this is a cause … Continue reading On Unsuitable Topics of Conversation

On the Benefits of Being Philosophical

When I tell people that my son is thinking of studying philosophy at university, their facial expressions say one of two things: - Cool! I wish I was back at uni, studying something interesting but useless. - What? Why are you letting him waste time and money on something interesting but useless? He should be … Continue reading On the Benefits of Being Philosophical

So Your Wife is Out of Town for a Week

Day 1 You’re up early to wave your wife off. You’ve carried her suitcase to the waiting Lyft, now back for a coffee and check of the work email. Modern tech means that you’re never really apart. At least not for very long. You can share the ride to the airport, the breakfast, and then … Continue reading So Your Wife is Out of Town for a Week