On Watching Northfork

There’s a risk in going back to watch movies you loved years ago. I call it the “Doc Savage  Effect.” Despite the wounds of previous nostalgia-fueled viewing still being surprisingly strong, when clearing out my DVDs, I finally decided it was time to re-watch Northfork  before I sent it on to find another home. And, … Continue reading On Watching Northfork

On Obscure Objects of My Affectation

Before I start on another film post, let’s take a moment to revel in the fancy wordplay of that title. Did you even notice? Your brain wants you to read affection; affection is the word that makes sense there. And yet, no. Affectation. Because this is a blog post about wanting to seem better than we … Continue reading On Obscure Objects of My Affectation

How Do I Write About Movies?

The New Year, we're assured, is a time for looking both forward and back: what have we spent the last year doing and what should we do differently and better in the next 12 months? I asked myself, among other things, one particular question: what would I do if I could do anything? Well, fly, … Continue reading How Do I Write About Movies?

Best of 2017

2017 was bad. Let’s not pretend otherwise. At least globally. And nationally. And possibly even locally. But, personally, it could have been worse. I remain, somehow, in full employment. My family moved from an apartment with what seemed like a family of tap-dancing rhinos above us to a house with a yard that the dogs … Continue reading Best of 2017

#FridayNightFright 2017

Horror is an interesting genre. It covers a multitude of movies, from cheap home-made efforts to Oscar winners like Silence of the Lambs. The longer I thought about it, the less idea I had about what exactly counted as "horror." Sure, there were the obvious - Halloween, American Werewolf in London, Wolf Creek, The Flintstones … Continue reading #FridayNightFright 2017