On #Harvey: Mundane hurricane stories

“You’re a hurricane virgin,” a friend of mine texted…and it’s true. This was my first hurricane. I was lucky enough to be experiencing Hurricane Harvey from relative safety: on a second-floor apartment in Austin, well away from the dangers more evident on the coast and in Houston. So, we watched, like everyone, our weather apps, … Continue reading On #Harvey: Mundane hurricane stories

The 10 Stages of a New Yorker Subscription

I am going to better myself and my whole family! I will spend hours reading old stories in the newly available online vault. The first magazine arrives - I read it cover to cover, pass it around, and we discuss the issues over dinner. 5 issues in, we're skipping the poems. 10 issues in, we're … Continue reading The 10 Stages of a New Yorker Subscription

US Election 2016 – Part II, Clinton

From the beginning, it seemed like almost no one whose name wasn't Clinton wanted HRC to be president. If you wanted an experienced politician, you had Biden. A left-field choice? Bernie Sanders. A female president? Elizabeth Warren was a more exciting option. HRC, every time, was the choice with just too much baggage. Biden chose … Continue reading US Election 2016 – Part II, Clinton