Writer, husband, father, brother, son, procrastinator, UK immigrant to the US; lover of movies, comic-books, Liverpool Football Club, clouds, the music and poetry of Tom Waits, and one extraordinary woman.

Thanks go to these people who have added a little something to my existence, and so deserve to be acknowledged.

Ani Difranco; Batman; Ben Folds; Bill Hicks; Billy Bragg; Bruce Springsteen; Charlie Kaufman; Chuck Palahniuk; Daley Thomson; David Attenborough; David Fincher; David Sedaris; Denis Johnson; Dolly Parton; Don Henley; Eddie Izzard; Elvis Costello; Frank Miller; Germaine Greer; Gore Vidal; Grant Morrison; Guillermo del Toro; John Barnes; John Stuart Mill; Jon Ronson; Jon Stewart; Kate Bush; Kenny Dalglish; Kevin Smith; Lorrie Moore; the Marquis de Sade; Martin Luther King; Michael Moore; Nanci Griffith; Neil Gaiman; P.J. O’Rourke; Prince; Raymond Carver; Raymond Chandler; Rennie Spark; Ridley Scott; Robbie Fowler; Robin Williams; Salma Hayek; Salman Rushdie; Stephen King; Susan Sarandon; Tina Fey; Tom Waits; Tori Amos; Victoria Wood.


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