A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m a compulsive list writer. I write lists for everything – favorite books and movies, obviously. But lists of bad movies too. And a timeline of my life (under construction…my memory is really working against me there…).

I have a shitlist, so I can remember the names of the truly terrible people in this world. Most of them recently seem to work for a specific US news network that shall not sully this page with its name (but rhymes with Fux Spews).

So, if someone asks me to write them a list, then I am right behind that. For example? I mentioned to a friend how odd it seemed that sleeping was now amongst my three favorite things to do in the world. And she asked what my other favorite things are. And I said…

Spending time with my wife

In my first version of this list – yes, I rewrote my list…I am a writer and an editor…it’s what we do – no fewer than 6 items ended with “…with my wife.” This seemed to take up a lot of space when I could just give a more generic “Spending time with” and free up some options lower down the list with other things I quite like doing. Things covered by this broad description include, but are not limited to, going on road trips, walking the dogs, wandering around antique stores, and just sitting on the sofa.


If you think it’s depressing that “sleeping” could be #2 on a list like this, I would have to agree with you. What will be worse will be the inevitable day when it moves up to be the #1 thing.


I moved to Texas. I’m pleased I did. The food fits my requirements exactly. Although, I still need to see how other states slow-cook their cows and their pigs.

Watching movies

Movies – really great movies – move me like no other art form. This is why I need a huge TV and a surround-sound system. (Yes, my wife is reading this – why do you ask?)

Eating at restaurants

I like good food. I like sitting around a table talking to my family. I like people-watching. I like not having to clear up dishes. You see what I’m saying here?


Everyone who works in publishing started off as a young person with their nose in a book. Everyone. And we all end up working in spreadsheets and databases. It’s insane. But, still, sitting in a comfy chair, some quiet music in the background, a cup of coffee by my side, and cracking open a book is one of life’s better simple pleasures.

Listening to music very loud

Finally moving into a house with no neighbours attached to any of our walls allowed us to not worry about the dogs barking madly at passing trash trucks (and more) – and it also allows me to push the volume of my music up loud while cooking dinner. Sitting in my office all day, dinner prep is the first thing I look forward to doing exactly for this reason. Music should fill a room.

Video games

I play FIFA. Sometimes, I play FIFA a lot. In the shower, I imagine being an actual football manager. It takes up a lot of my internal monologue. It’s what I do instead of meditate. Sometimes, I also play driving games, throwing super-fast cars around realistic tracks to get the best times I can. Which, if you know anything about me, you will realize is hilarious.

Apple pie and ice cream

If I could only have one dessert, this would be it. More than chocolate cake, more than peach cobbler. Apple pie, warm, heavy on the crust; ice cream, chocolate being perfectly acceptable. If I succeed in one thing in my life, it will be legitimizing the apple-pie-chocolate-ice-cream combo.

Friday-night cocoa

Ending the week, starting the weekend. Sure, I might be working Saturday and Sunday, but still these things should be memorialized. Chocolate is our door from one reality to the next. You know that. A cocoa and a couple of episodes of Brooklyn 99 on a Friday night is as good a way as any to get you into the right frame of mind for a couple of days of trying-to-relax.

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