On Not Being Trusted to Fight Off Tigers

When two dog owners get together, it doesn’t take them long to get to the point of all dog stories: poop. Every dog owner has a good poop story.

Don’t they?

I mean, it’s not just me, is it?

Before we got John Henry, I tried to read up on dog behavior, dog training – anything to make me feel more prepared for what was about to happen to us as a family.

And a surprising number of articles on the WWW are devoted to a question that seems to greatly trouble dog owners: Why does my dog stare at me when he poops? The answer, it is theorized, is that this is when, in the wild, a dog would be at his or her most vulnerable. Therefore, by facing you when they poop, your dogs are letting you know that they trust you. They’re telling you that they know you’ve got this. If a tiger suddenly appears, their actions are saying, they believe that you’re the one to protect them.

And, the thing is, neither of our fluff-muppets do this. They both poop facing away from us. As if they feel shame in their actions. Or that they don’t believe we have their backs while they’re at their most vulnerable.

Which, when you think about it…well, it hurts a little.

John Henry, a brindle pug-terrier mix, and Jordan, a black pug-chihuahua mix, sit like good dogs in the yard.
The Pugsters, either before or after doing their daily toilet duties.

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