On Fords

I’m weeks away from having paid off my car. Blanche is very nearly all mine. It’s taken 5 years but it’s the first car I’ve paid off since coming to this country, and it feels like a milestone of sorts. Another stamp on my Being a Grownup card.

Of course, now I’m getting near to being fully paid off, apparently anyone who buys or sells cars in a suitable radius knows about it. Most days I get a letter or two offering to buy my car for a reasonable amount – or sell me a better one.

Today was a good one – an email from the place I rescued Blanche: “get the Ford for your lifestyle.” I am tempted to write back and ask them exactly what kind of Ford they’re thinking of. A Ford to fit my lifestyle would need:

  • No wheels.
  • A BBQ pit.
  • Serious bookcases.
  • Space for a huge television.
  • A yard for the dogs.

If there’s a Ford that offers all that, let me know.

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