On Puppies and Babies

Oh sure, we know our dogs aren’t really babies. We know that. But, sometimes, it’s hard to tell.

Similarity to babies: we’re responsible for making sure they eat right, get medical attention at the right time, and we pick up their poop.

Differences: in my experience, if you bribe and threaten hard enough, this stage ends with actual kids.

Similarity to babies: we feel more comfortable if they’re in the bed with us, especially when they’re ill.

Differences: they’re never going to be so old that it gets weird.


Similarity to babies: it’s up to us to help them not be afraid of new experiences.

Differences: there’s no excuse for a toddler chasing after the UPS guy.

Similarity to babies: every day they learn something new.

Differences: we’re never going to be able to rush them off to college so their room can be a “games room/office”.

Similarity to babies: at some point, if you’re lucky, they stop being so much a responsibility and more a friend.

Differences: we don’t have to stay on their good side so they get us a nice retirement home.

Similarity to babies: they’re experimental and have no shame in exploring how their bodies work.

Differences: we’re allowed to make absolutely, medically sure that our doggies never show up one day with a brand new puppy family.

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