On Office Work

As someone who works from home these days, I am largely free from workplace drama and craziness.

But it hasn’t always been the case.

Craziest thing that happened at work? Well, there was the time when one co-worker found an actual tarantula in the parking lot. And captured it in a small container. And brought it into the office and kept it in a cake box.

He, apparently, wanted to take it home to become a teachable moment to his kids. I swiftly aligned myself with a committee whose sole purpose was to make sure there was a lid on that damn cake box. We were successful. Welcome to Texas.

I called the tarantula “Frank.” I called my workmate something far worse.

Frank the Spider 3

Not sharing a bathroom with workmates is also a benefit that should not be underestimated. Knowing more than you wanted to about a co-worker’s digestive issues can make meetings and even simple conversations over lunch awkward.

Then there was the time a co-worker in the next urinal over from me started to serenade me (to be fair, he was the kind to break into song at a moment’s notice). At the time? Weird. Now? Kinda amusing. But still weird.

One of these days, I’m going to have to head back out into the big, wide world of commuting, preparing lunches the night before, and wearing clothes with no stains on them. One day, but not today my friend.

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