The Secret Society of Pug Owners

There's a joke I like. How do you know if someone doesn't own a TV? Oh, they'll tell you. It's a format that works for all kinds of groups. Vegans, liberals, anime fans. Some people can't wait to tell everyone about the thing that makes them superior. And then other people feel superior by telling … Continue reading The Secret Society of Pug Owners

On Choosing Your Favorite Child

Having two dogs is like having two kids in a surprising number of ways. Near the top is the sudden moral requirement to choose your favorite: all families need a pecking order. ┬áNow we have the lady Jordan alongside The Reverand John Henry, we need to establish their order in our affections. So, let's break … Continue reading On Choosing Your Favorite Child

Million Dollar Idea #1: A movie-review site for dog owners

I don't know if you know, but there's movie review sites out there specifically for Christian parents. It tells fellow concerned Christian parents about the current releases, paying special attention to issues specific to their target audience: is there, you know, any "funny stuff"? Any pre-marital hanky-panky? Do any of the characters take the Lord's … Continue reading Million Dollar Idea #1: A movie-review site for dog owners