On Xmas Traditions

As an Englishman abroad, Xmas can be a time of mixed feelings. Life in Austin is mostly wonderful, but it’s easy to feel maudlin about family and friends so far away. Although distance does mean there’s definitely less pressure on the present-buying front…

Starting new traditions is basically a self-serving way of forming a holiday in your preferred image. For instance, I regard having Chinese take-out on Xmas Eve as “a tradition” – because I don’t want to cook and I love Chinese food.

But my favorite new tradition is very simple. All it takes is a willing family, in particular a very patient and wonderful driver who knows Austin like the back of her hand; a cup of hot chocolate (two pumps of raspberry…the Anti-Toska); a decent iTunes Xmas playlist; and enough rich and crazy people to put on a light show worth driving around the city to see.

Thanks, Austin, for lighting up the dark.

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