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Donnie Darko: It’s Good to Talk

Why do we like what we like? It’s a tricky question to answer honestly and accurately, but let’s, in this safe corner of the scary WWW, try to be honest with ourselves. We don’t always love things for obvious reasons, for the “right” reasons, but we can love them all the same. This, for example,… Continue reading Donnie Darko: It’s Good to Talk

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On Giving Advice – New Parent Edition

I have been directly involved in the raising of two children and  – more importantly – been a silent judge on how many many other children have been parented. This solid background, combined with a soapbox provided for me by a free Internet blog site, gives me enough of a background to act as a… Continue reading On Giving Advice – New Parent Edition

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On Dog Training: the Basics

As this is the first dog I have ever had to train, I have made myself an instant expert by reading some of one book, watching YouTube videos, and one episode of the Dog Whisperer. The Reverend John Henry will not suffer other dogs barking in his home without joining in with all the force… Continue reading On Dog Training: the Basics