On Being Unemployed in Texas: Part IV

In 2014, I found myself laid off from my job and trying to regain my equilibrium in a foreign country.

When you’re desperately looking for work, life changes can start coming quickly. In less than a month, I am now prepared to sell my personal life to get a job. I’m sure there’s a word for that.

Tell us what experience you have to write about divorce, kids, Ebola, psychosis, shot-bow assassination?

What are your three greatest achievements in life?

Who or what are you most willing to shameless exploit to get this writing gig?

I’m diving in, up to my neck. I am indeed the very epitome of shamelessness. It’s not even a case of personal pride versus paying the rent. I’m nowhere near that stage of penury yet. God help us all if and when that happens; I am clearly capable of anything.

There are standards to keep, though. I’m not a savage. I have a rule: no TV, no PlayStation, until 5pm. Even though there’s no work to do, find something. There’s always something. There’s paperwork, there’s finding out about the tax system, there’s job searches. There’s something. And PlayStation leads to FIFA and FIFA leads to the gaming version of the lost weekend.

So – no TV.

But there sure is a lot of waiting around. Modern technology means that email has overtaken the phone call as the main source of contact; this should be more efficient, but in my experience it means a lot of waiting and watching for electronic answers to arrive in electronic mailboxes that almost inevitably lead to more electronic questions.

My copy editing test is done and returned, early (I’m not desperate, I’m enthusiastic!); my list of job applications is up to date. Now, no TV, no PlayStation…so – blogging it is. God help us all.

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