Rudolph in April


So, it comes to the end of December and you’re taking your decorations down. But…maybe one of them has come to seem like an integral part of the decor of the room. For me, it’s the fairy lights above the fireplace. For Llano, TX, it’s a giant Rudolph leaping forever across a road in the downtown square. And why not? We all need a little Christmas in April.

Better still, Rudolph’s out-of-season exertions draw our eye inexorably to the town noticeboard. Sadly, we’d missed Fiddle Fest (“and I’d been in training my whole life, etc., etc.”) but there was always the Air Fiddle Contest. An Air Fiddle Contest! Awesome, right? I’ve heard of air guitar, air drums, even air sex contests. But none can be as awesome as the Llano Air Fiddle Contest. I had to go. I needed to go.

I didn’t go.

Next year, Llano. It’s a date.

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